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It may include a group centre, where inner activity is entirely aligned. There are two activities here: endeavouring to become receptive to that which overshadows one regarding the economy as you endeavour to formulate it. Realize this is different activity from taking care of the immediate needs. The goal is to arrive at a state of consciousness of the new economy. Then they become one activity. Receptivity to that which overshadows; this is assisted by considering the relationship between consciousness and deva, and the evolution of the devic kingdom.

We are seeking a new state of consciousness - a state of consciousness which understands the economy, the movement, the organization of the energy, force and substance of the One Life. From that understanding one can wield the economy of the One Life for which one is responsible.


This provides the functions of the old forms - food, shelter, etc, but is based on inner creativity of the Soul creating the abundance of supply, of fulfillment, of true love which leads to the reorientation to all of the world's economic activities and to civilization that supplies them. Initially we create an interim plan but as a group, because of this and through it, we will be working at a new level. A centre of activity which expresses the heart, the head or the synthesis centre will produce thoughtforms which are freely available.

Staff will hold alignment through the day, uniting divisions around common purpose and goal and providing protection. A centre could combine healing, teaching, a waiting and gathering centre - coffee shop, reading, videos etc.


Eventually we will formulate a new plan which accounts for that which overshadows economically and the present form that bridges, based in higher principles in which all work for the higher good. In order for a group of disciples or a disciple to become aligned with the economic aspect of the Divine Plan, their new state of consciousness must include right relationship with the devic forces and devic evolution.

This is the problem at present - no relationship. This state of consciousness is another state of Soul consciousness and requires absorbing the following concepts. We fall into problems relating to form. When we relate to forms we need to be aware that this is how we relate to the creative process. How we relate to any form is devic, therefore it is inherently Divine and must be related to the Divine Plan.

A reminder that any form is crystallized intelligent activity - the crystallized devic activity of the real environment. Identifying with a form we create a different intent from the Divine Plan. Consciousness crystallizes, isolating the form from any change in appearance. Thus we resist any change. We identify with the form - it feels like us as in things, relationships. The shift - now we recognize we are the consciousness. Devic life provides us with substance for experience and therefore every economic activity becomes co-creative activity with Divine substance.

We have little sensitivity to the consciousness we are within the three vehicles although this is increasing e. We have little sensitivity to our self, humanity, this planet, this solar system as becoming self conscious - evolving in consciousness as a One Life. Fuller awareness of consciousness is possible by directing attention inward to the centres, to become sensitive, aware of one's being as differentiated from form and this is the essential difference between the average human and the conscious soul Incarnate.

Why is this important? A mental body can depict form but it is consciousness moving into and through the mental body and the forms it depicts, which gives meaning to those forms. True also of astral and etheric. Consciousness moving through that intelligent activity of the form gives it meaning - gives it the purpose which overshadows. What comes first, the meaning or the vision?

The Oversoul communicates through meaning and we have to translate that meaning into images and words. The Fourth dimensional concept of consciousness can now be projected to us and received. Consciousness is not a stationary point as we think it is. It moves through that point or centre into and throughout that sphere or environment contained within what we call the ring-pass-not.

It moves through its own vehicles which are an instrumentality of the centre focus and out into the energy, force and substance of the real environment - its sphere of influence, and then back again. Relate this also to a group life. It is through this movement of consciousness outward and back again which creates a group life. This is the one-ness and the basis of at-one-ment of a group life.

Then one moves into group centre - the Ashramic centre in and out. It moves in wave motion and at intervals creates a focus. Individuality which sets the wave of consciousness in motion, impresses itself on these points of focus - identity. It is extruded out on a wave of consciousness to mental, astral and physical. It rides and then is absorbed back.

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All consciousness has its esoteric sound, but it is not sound or light. The second aspect is that of consciousness which is fourth dimensional. That which sets the stream of consciousness in motion, and impresses the foci, is monadic.

The foci are impressed and the vehicles are created, and identity established and intelligent activity entered into by consciousness, from monad down. But also on each level there is a horizontal movement clear out from point of focus to its periphery which includes its sphere of influence and back. This is the controlled creative movement of energy, force and substance. Group life is a synthesis, a meeting of smaller waves into a greater wave of consciousness.

In the economic sense the consciousness carries meaning and purpose, love and service - Intelligent Activity. This week the emphasis of daily life seemed to be on focusing purpose and further development of right relationship and compassion, all of which, seems to me, related to the evolution of group conscious focus. Love, Gay. Gay lives and works in Victoria, Australia.

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She became involved in The Nature of the Soul studies from a background of teaching, psychology, spiritual studies and Reiki Natural Therapy. She later completed Teacher Training 1 and 2 with Pam Nissen and participated in Headquarters studies. It is dependent upon your attitude - the approach in consciousness which you take toward your coworkers. First and primarily upon your recognition of each of them as a Spiritual Soul having a proper place and function within the Ashramic Group Life, of which you yourself are a functioning member. For those following the yearly Nature of the Soul Meditation Cycle.

Consider what the Ashramic life is as it is causal to the consciousness functioning here in the three lower worlds. It is an expression, a sum total of a Master's focus, his Soul consciousness.

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It is made up of the overshadowing Soul Life or group of lives who are karmically related to the Master and have been attracted within his sphere of influence for the purpose of receiving His spiritual guidance. The Master functions as a Monadic focus from whatever makes up His instrument of expression at any given time. His consciousness was absorbed into the monadic focus, at the shattering of his causal sheath, as He thus became the life of the Christ.

His individuality is one with the One Life and thus He is causal to the Ashram for which He is a focus of spirit. Each Soul within the Ashram has reached a certain degree of at-one-ment as well as group awareness while still having its individual focus. Thus each Soul becomes causal to the life below him. As the Soul builds its higher relationship as it learns to become causal in a group sense rather than an individual sense. As each Soul functions within its sphere orbiting within the Ashramic Group Life it is a part of the Soul consciousness of the Master.

The Ashram is held together by Light moving from its center, the Master, into and throughout the Ashram and at a certain point that Light expresses as the ring-pass-not which is it periphery. The Soul making its first entry to the Ashramic Group Life must pierce this periphery as it takes initiation.

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Thus we see that the Ashram and its Group Life is made up of a vast state of consciousness, a vast Soul Life and, it functions within its own particular instrument made up of its casual sheath and those egos or Souls within the Ashram, as well as the emanation from the Master who holds them all in relationship to one another. This etheric-light causal sheath which is the emanation of the Master is the medium of expression and contact with one another as well as with the Master.

We have arrived at a place where we can now begin take our place and aid this effort at the various levels where integration is taking place. It is vitally important for each of us to bring into brain awareness the variety of differences being brought together in this new Ashramic effort in order for us to better function individually as well as with each other in this variety. This great variety is found in four broad classifications:. They relate to a senior disciple who guides them. This senior has an intuitive relationship with the Master. Where then do we find the probationer? He may be an accepted disciple in the Ashram requiring more training, he may be recapitulating from the past or, he may have special abilities or talents earned which he shares with more advanced disciples who are in need of his help.

Sometimes he has a specific karmic relationship from the past with a senior in need of his assistance. It is up to the probationer or practitioner to discover his own place and function within the Ashram.

Remember, because of the importance of this time great numbers of Souls and disciples are being brought into this new effort and Ashramic relationship. This is an enormous and tremendous effort being made by the Hierarchy to integrate the three ashrams being focused as Synthetic at this time. As more individuals within the body of humanity respond and are being drawn into this TNTFPW it is our responsibility to cooperate with Hierarchy and facilitate matters so that the incoming disciples find and are given place and function within the Overall Group Life.

This is most important as we attract and aid the integration of this effort. Much in this lesson is familiar but a great deal is not that brain conscious yet.