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Combat the corruption by increasing Skaven Corruption. How negative I may sound, game is stil 11 out of 10 Also, please slow down combat!


ShivaX Posts: Registered Users. At least Skaven don't suffer public order loss from vampiric corruption. I hate it. It certainly bogged down my Kroq-gar campaign for the first 50 turns.

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Fortunately the hordes of low rank undead are no match for half a stack of fearless saurus warriors. Geldor Posts: 1, Registered Users. Geldor said:.

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The whole point of a grand epic campaign is not to rush your way through it. At least in my opinion. NoMau , Feb 4, It's the same for me this morning.. Peggy Bundy , Feb 4, There Will Be Blood , Feb 4, I see the same undead people on the list after they are "no longer undead", they stay on the list and continue to be undead. It would be great if the undead who are no longer undead would no longer be on the undead list.

Was a tad frustrating. Interesting idea though.

Red , Feb 4, Would it be possible to add a countdown so we know when we are allowed to attack undead slayers again? Jager , Feb 4, A quick follow up about the Attack Undead feature: You should not notice the Undead clogging up your fight list, when grabbing your fight list we first grab a list of Zombie Slayers that are not hurt.

From here, if the list is too short, we plug is any Undead Slayers that might be in your range.

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After defeating the normal Dr. Ned, drop down a series of shafts and tunnels leading underground, eventually coming to a huge cavern with a lake of blood. Once into the lake, Undead Ned appears and will attack. Other Strategy: There is not an actual need to travel into the lake of blood to kill him.

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When going down the bloody chute to get to the lake, there is a small ledge very small, do not move when using it right before the small "beach" before the lake to land on. Simply stand here and get headshots on him with a Revolver or Combat Rifle.

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  • All he will do is stand there and make clawing motions, occasionally diving under then popping back up. He is very easy to kill this way. If playing in split-screen or with two or more players, run a distraction scheme with one player shooting at the boss while the others fire away. If he goes after the characters who are firing, just switch positions. Players will also want to, if distracting him, occasionally turn around and fire at Undead Ned's head to anger him and get his attention.